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Wall Cladding

The need for larger, more robust and aesthetically interesting wall cladding has never been more prevalent in the UK. ToughGlaz supplied 8000 sq/m2 of wall cladding to Heathrow T2A and T2B. We have a proven track record in supplying large wall cladding schemes under strenuous time constraints.

Our understanding of the importance of wall cladding design and supply is underpinned by the full range of digital printing options available.

ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

Toughglaze's existing range of processes include Silk Screen Printing, Digitial Printing on Glass, Border Printing and Printing on P.E.T.

In addition, ToughGlaze have also formed partnership agreements with Cadisch and Creation Baumann UK to promote a range of Laminated Metal Meshes & Fabrics, that will provide our customers with infinite innovative design options.

Technical Specifications:

  • Based on your specific requirements of your project, technical specification will be provided on a project by project basis.
ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

For more information and further insight into our world of glass, kindly get in touch with us and our team of professionals can assist your accordingly.

ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders in Glass