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TG Water Resistant

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Laminated glass is very receptive to moisture, therefore de-lamination is inevitable over time using conventional materials. With changes in safety regulation more laminated glass is now used for many applications especially balustrade glazed internal and external. This has lead to more reports of de-lamination which in some cases has become a major issue and the lack of product warranty has expanded the problem even more. Please note de-lamination can also be caused by bad glazing practice. In accordance, this has lead customers to demand warranties for the product through performance bonds in which is not always easy with many caveats behind the policy. The fact processors cannot provide a warranty for their own products seems like madness however this is controlled by product availability.

12 Year Warranty

ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

TGWR is a new product developed by ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd. It is the first laminated glass offered to the market with a guaranteed 12 year warranty backed by Lloyds of London. TGWR contains a new waterproof interlayer which is fully tested in accordance EN or BS 14449 regulation and is manufactured to specification which is inspected by Lloyds of London. Toughglaze has invested in machinery and staff to produce this innovative product. To obtain the Lloyds of London approval, ToughGlaze have upgraded their standard production and raised the standard of quality, project management and delivery methods.

TGWR can be used on structural glazing schemes with exposed edges in numerous applications including Balustrade, Structural facades, structural glass solutions.

ToughGlaze will maintain production records of each panel manufactured using TGWR these will be available to customers upon request.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Sizes: 2600mm x 4300mm
  • Thickness Range: 9.5mm – 60mm
ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

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