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Structural Glass

The desire for less visible fixings and framework has lead to an increase in demand for secret fix systems, triple / quadruple laminates, range of processes and finishes to improve the Aesthetics and performance of the glass.

ToughGlaze has responded to the demands of the UK market by obtaining the exclusive license to manufacture and supply Fischer’s secret fix system. We are also approved laminators of Sentry Glass interlayer’s from Kuraray, proven to be the strongest interlayer for laminate glass on the market.

Our in-house facilities can provide customers with a wide range of glass fixings and finishes to meet all applications from structural balustrade to Atrium screens and Structural facades to roof lights.

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Internal Screens

Partitioning and Atrium glass screens have witnessed the demands for improved strength, acoustic qualities and aesthetics increase dramatically over the last few years. With the concept of the workplace becoming a ‘Home away from Home’ structural glass pushes the boundaries of innovative design in glass. Whether it is a partitioning system or Structural atrium glazing, ToughGlaze can supply a range of laminated glass options to include acoustic and Sentry Glass to be used in conjunction with the following finishes, if the client so chooses:

  • Silkscreen Finishes - Ceramic paints can be applied to the glass surface through a silk screen as per the required specification
  • Digital Printing on Glass - A permanent product created by applying ceramic inks on the glass surface and then firing in a furnace to encapsulate for the life of the glass
  • Vanceva – Coloured translucent interlayers
  • Creation Baumann UK – Innovative / Bespoke fabrics that are translucent laminated into glass to encapsulate existing or original design patterns

Technical Specifications:

  • Based on your specific requirements of your project, technical specification will be provided on a project by project basis.
ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

For more information and further insight into our world of glass, kindly get in touch with us and our team of professionals can assist your accordingly.

ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders in Glass