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Our People

The management team at ToughGlaze are responsible for the continuous success the company has experienced over the years.

Ashok Varsani

The Co-Founder of ToughGlaze, Ashok's background in mechanical engineering has enabled the TG Group to adapt our machinery, beyond the manufactures capabilities, resulting in an efficient and trustful production process. At present, Ashok is also overseeing our assessment towards achieving ISO 14001, which includes his own water filtration system, reusing the water from our preparation process.

Bharat Varsani

The Co-Founder of ToughGlaze, Bharat has been in the glass industry for over 30 years. He embodies the ethos of the group and ensures his understanding of the machinery, process and innovation is unrivalled. A visionary when it comes to new products and trends in the market place, which has resulted in the creation of Bespoke Architectural Glass, concentrating on the specialist processes and cutting edge of the architectural market.

Vipul Vora

The Co-Founder of ToughGlaze, Vipul in collaboration with Ashok and Bharat has built the business from a 300 sq ft factory to a 197,000 sq ft production facility and established 3 businesses including continuous growth. His responsibility is ensuring the supply of float glass from order processing and managing integrity of the data inserted into our cutting machines.

ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

For more information and further insight into our world of glass, kindly get in touch with us and our team of professionals can assist your accordingly.

ToughGlaze provides a variety of products and services which cater specifically to all our clients:

We maintain the integrity of the glass and understand the importance of preserving quality throughout our manufacturing process.

We provide performance related glass that meets the needs of the ever demanding and innovative clients of the UK market.

We understand architectural glass and the demands Architects, Developers and Designers have in mind when applying the perfect solution.

We have seen the importance of glass being applied aesthetically with innovative design to a number of projects throughout the world.

ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders in Glass