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Heat Strengthened Glass

The Heat Strengthening process changes the surface compression of the glass to levels greater than 4000psi and less than 7000 psi. With this increased surface compression applied the glass is now 2 - 3 times stronger than normal annealed glass (This product is NOT classed as a safety glass) however the process must comply to the EN 1863-1:2000 standard. When glazed the glass has reduced risk of thermal fracture and reduced surface distortion.

Heat Strengthened glass is most affective when combined in a double glazed unit or in a lamination with fully toughened glass. This product is ideal for overhead glazing or where stability is required when the glass is broken.

Heat Strengthened glass has three main criteria’s, Thermal Safety, Reduced Surface Distortion and when broken the glass cracks into large particles, whilst maintaining rigidity giving improved retention in the glazing system, the changes of falling glass is reduced.

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Overhead Glazing

If you require Overhead Glazing, Heat Strengthened glass is the ideal product when laminated with fully toughened glass. The rigidity given by the large particles hold the glass in situ until the replacement is ready.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Sizes: 2800mm x 6000mm
  • Thickness Range: 6mm – 10mm
ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

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