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The demands imposed on the design of facades are ever increasing, whether it is technical performance in relation to u-value, light transmission, heat gain, solar control or U-V penetration, the demand for oversized and innovative design is forever growing. ToughGlaze have the manufacturing capabilities to supply the most complex of glass designs, most notably the Freedom Towers in New York.

The Spectrum of solar coated glass in conjunction with a wide range of processes and finishes provides an infinite range of innovative solutions when questions posed when meeting clients brief or designing an iconic facade.

ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass


  • Digital Printing on Glass - A permanent product created by applying ceramic inks on the glass surface and then firing in a furnace to encapsulate for the life of the glass
  • Vanceva – Coloured translucent interlayers
  • Digital Printing on PET - We have the ability to print any design directly onto an interlayer
  • Cadisch - Using a range of Metal Meshes including Steel, S/Steel, Bronze, Aluminium, Copper and Brass can be manufactured within a Toughened Laminated Glass
  • Creation Baumann UK – Innovative / Bespoke fabrics that are translucent laminated into glass to encapsulate existing or original design patterns

Technical Specifications:

  • Based on your specific requirements of your project, technical specification will be provided on a project by project basis.
ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

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ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders in Glass