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Coloured Interlayers

The Vanceva® colour studio provides architects and designers availability of over 3,000 transparent or translucent glass colours. The system is based on a foundational palette of 13 basic colours that can be combined up to 4 layers to produce custom coloured glass. Vanceva interlayer colorants are made up of highly resilient pigments, rather than the dyes commonly found in most ink-based colorant systems, and are designed to provide years of colour durability, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Specify Vanceva Interlayer Colours & Formulation Codes

One to four sheets of Vanceva colour interlayer is typically used to construct custom coloured laminated glass. Since the maximum number of interlayers is four, each Vanceva colour has been assigned a four-digit number. Each number or letter represents a layer from the foundational palette used to create all Vanceva colour interlayer combinations.

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Translucent Colours

If a project requires a frosted look for design or privacy reasons, a translucent colour can be created by adding one of the white interlayers to the colour mix.

Interlayers may be made more translucent in increments. Two of the 13 foundation colours, (colours 9 -Arctic Snow, and A - Cool White) are translucent white interlayers. Cool White (A) is an 80% light transmission product; Arctic Snow (9) is a 65% light transmission product. When these interlayers are used in the Vanceva® colour interlayer system, they add opacity to the glazing system. These layers can be used in combination with the other 9 colours or can be laminated alone to produce a frosted glass appearance.

Opaque Colours

Vanceva® Interlayer Polar White (colour F) is an opaque white that can be combined with any other colour selection to make that colour opaque, while at the same time creating completely different looks on each side of the glass.

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  • Curtain walls
  • Atriums
  • Skylights
  • Canopies
  • Balustrades
  • Partitions
  • Conference rooms

When Vanceva colour interlayer is combined with tinted or reflective glass, the design possibilities are nearly endless. Allowing designs to be at their most expressive and add distinctive hues from the subtle to dramatic.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Sizes: 2600mm x 4300mm
  • Thickness Range: 9.5mm – 60mm
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