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Back Painted

Our Colour Spray system is a 2-pack solvent air borne drying paint system, providing a wide choice of colours and some easily applied special effects for application to glass where excellent durability and adhesion are required.

Typical Applications

  • Splash backs
  • Glass Worktops
  • Mirrors
  • Spandrel panels
  • Curved and shaped glass
  • Shower Panels
  • Glass Sinks
  • Privacy glazing

When spraying on glass it is recommended that ultra-low iron glass is used, it is perfectly clear and will ensure that any colours being sprayed will appear when viewed through the glass as intended. It is also possible to resin laminate the Colour Spray glass to encapsulate the colour layer.

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Sprayable system

  • Easy to use system
  • Can be applied to shaped or curved glass surfaces
  • Ideal for small or large volume applications
  • Quick change around time between colours

Large colour range from just 19 colourants

  • 1000’s of colours available
  • Low inventory levels
  • No waiting for specialist colour mixing

Computer formulated mixing

  • Possible to produce batches of any size
  • Accurate colour matching and no batch variation
  • Colour matching service for new colours and sample matching

Effect bases

Range of Quartz, Flash, Glitter, metallic and Fleck effect bases.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Sizes: 2250mm x 3200mm
  • Thickness Range: 4mm – 19mm
ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders In Glass

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ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd | Leaders in Glass